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Global first ever The Macallan Room opens in Hong Kong

The Macallan Room

In Hong Kong, it is time to embark on a journey of discovery into the world’s most exceptional single malt Scotch whiskies.

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This destination is The Macallan Room. The new home for absolute discovery in the heart of Hong Kong, set alongside one of finest wines and spirits stores. A truly immersive experience uncovering the depths, stories and passions of the world’s most exceptional single malt.

Jaime Martin, Managing Director Edrington Hong Kong & Macau said, “The Macallan Room is an exciting new brand space, and one which takes a different approach to consumer outreach and engagement. It marries together a traditional retail space with an immersive brand experience, to provide flexibility for us to tell our stories and share our whiskies, but ultimately this extends to the consumers who seek to discover The Macallan. Over the past couple of years, we have created brand immersion spaces through pop-up spaces and been met with great enthusiasm from consumers and trade partners alike so this new space builds on what we have learnt from feedback received.”

Global first ever The Macallan Room, this is a place which reveals what makes The Macallan the iconic whisky it is today; yet also a place to savour and immerse yourself in every aspect of one of the outstanding qualities and distinctive character of The Macallan.

Opportunities to tantalise your senses are plentiful with whiskies from across the decades to those reflecting the contemporary view of today. As well as savouring whiskies through bespoke events and tasting sessions, our experts are on hand to share their wisdom and knowledge, inspiring you with mesmerising stories and memorable experiences which define The Macallan.

This is a place of ultimate adventure and discovery but also an opportunity for you to unwind and engage with The Macallan in a tranquil, sumptuous environment. So join us as we embark on a new chapter at K11 Musea where we neighbour with Liquid Gold, one of Hong Kong’s finest wines and spirits stores with regular patronage of connoisseurs.

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From cocktail receptions, press engagement events, private tastings and whisky education and appreciation sessions, The Macallan Room offers a diverse range of experiences to truly connect you with this exceptional single malt.