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China’s Tangy opens Paris store


Chinese luxury women’s fashion brand Tangy has arrived in France, opening its debut boutique in the capital city, Paris, according to

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Located on Paris’s Rue de Verneuil, the new store highlights Tangy’s panache for ecological high-end silk fabrics, which boast the Liangzhou dyeing technique — a thousand-year-old tradition that was forbidden after the Cultural Revolution.

“We very much love natural silk. One day, our supplier offered us a special kind of fabric,” Liang Zi told, in an interview when speaking about the label’s main ingredient.

“It was an antique silk coming from an old inventory, which the supplier wanted to get rid of. We fell in love with its texture. It is a fabric with a life of its own. Over time, it acquires a unique patina, improving like a fine wine,” Liang continued.

In-store, the new Paris location will house the company’s women’s ready-to-wear line, as well as the relatively new Tangy Collection, which launched as a complementary line
to the mainstay back in 2008.

Featuring womenswear, accessories, bags and home décor, the Tangy Collection line consists of pieces made luxury silk, organza, cotton and linen, with handcrafted embroidery and other needlework – all reflecting a timeless Chinese aesthetic.

Zi founded Liang Zi Fashion Industrial Corporation Ltd in 1995 with her husband Huang Zhihua, in Shenzhen, located in China’s southeast.

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Today, Tangy is available at 110 mono-brand stores and 40 multi-brand retailers across the globe.