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Chanel cosmetics opens its first boutique in Seoul


Chanel opened its first independent beauty boutique ‘Chanel Famille Boutique’ in Shinsegae Department Store, on 15th Pamier Street in Gagnam.

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Chanel Famille Boutique is Chanel’s first beauty flagship store in Korea, where customers can experience different displays, make-up services, beauty classes and exclusive collections.

Famille Boutique showcases products such as fragrances and makeup in a new way  inspired by Korea’s unique Taegeuk pattern to celebrate the opening of Korea’s first cosmetics boutique.

In addition, the boutique shows the creative spirit of Chanel, which blends with the trendy Korean latest k-pop music, and a new system to quickly find your own lip color.

There are 5 make-up classes in Chanel Famille Boutique. Particularly, “Coco Friends” is a small beauty class with 3 guests for 30 minutes, so customers can learn from custom make-up to the latest trend make-up.

A variety of exclusive collection items are available in Korea, including the boutique exclusive’ Le Signe du Lion ‘, inspired by the Lion, Mademoiselle Chanel’s constellation.

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Chanel launched with a variety of events from 15 December to 21 December to celebrate Christmas, including Christmas cards, calligraphy services, and ribbon tree making.

(Source: Fashion Seoul )