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[ comfort zone ] debuts in Singapore

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[ comfort zone ] is a holistic science-based spa skin care brand created in 1996 by Dr. Davide Bollati, pharmacist, cosmetologist and current Chairman of the Davines Group, which also features /skin regimen/, modern plant chemistry for urbanites, and Davines, a professional hair care brand.

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In 1992, after an experience in international beauty companies, he joined the family group as product development chemist in the R&D lab. Today he leads the Company with a strong commitment to ethics and sustainability, product innovation and international business growth. His vision of Sustainable Beauty, a combination of state-of-the art plant chemistry and respect for the environment and society, has led the Group to become a B Corporation in 2016.

[ comfort zone ]  sees the skin as an expression of how we live and feel and treats it with an its integrated approach that includes treatments, products and lifestyle advice for the health and beauty of face and body.

The brand is currently distributed across the world in high-end selected beauty salons, day spas and resort spas and we have direct branches in Paris, London, New York, Mexico City, Hong Kong and Deventer. Since 1st October is now available on LazMall for Singapore market. This is the first step for the brand in Singapore, where expansion is being rolled out in partnership with Bluebell Group.

Nelly Ngadiman, Managing Director of Bluebell Southeast Asia, announced the launch of the brand: “We are proud to be the partner of choice of [ comfort zone ] in Singapore, starting from digital-first.  [ comfort zone ] extends our portfolio of clean beauty brand and responds to the demand in the market for brands that promote a more holistic approach to beauty.”

Julia Liotard-Vogt, Bluebell Group Business Development Director, added: “This holistic approach to beauty and health is a key element in our business development strategy and drives the process of curating brands in the space of wellness.”

Research, development and production for the brand take place in the Davines Village, the new headquarters in Parma designed by Architect Matteo Thun & Partners. Inspired by the founder’s vision of Sustainable Beauty, the space mirrors the multicultural staff and partners, work philosophy and commitment to be the best company for the world. This sustainable business model has been recognized with the B Corporation in 2016, a certification issued to companies for their rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Davide Bollati’s mission is to inspire and improve the quality of the professional life of worldwide beauty creators. 

Source: [ comfort zone ]

Retail in Asia asked some questions to Davide Bollati, Chairman of Davines Group, holding of the two brands Davines and [ comfort zone ].

RiA: Comfort zone provides an holistic approach to wellness that reads the skin as the mirror of  mental and body wellness, can you tell us more about the origin of the brand and the evolution of this approach?

Davide: Comfort Zone was created in 1996, when professional skin care meant most of all treating skin “on the surface”. What we proposed as innovation is a wider, holistic vision “peace of mind, joy of beauty” based on the knowledge that taking care also of the whole person, of the physical, mental and emotional state would definitely show in a luminous, healthy and vital skin.

This implied to incorporate in our professional approach a special care before and during the treatments and to share with our customers lifestyle tips for their health, beauty and longevity.

Today this is still part of our uniqueness along with the result of 20 years of scientific research by our R&D team of 40 chemists, biologists and skin experts. They have been constantly innovating our formulas to make them more effective, cleaner and richer in natural-origin ingredients.

Source: [ comfort zone ]

In this path towards our “conscious skin science”, which is what describes us best today, we have been accompanied by the support of scientists and researchers from the medical field, who have been very instrumental in founding the best solutions for every skin conditions. In our future now we see the key role of our Scientific Garden at our Davines Village in Parma. It is a source of inspiration to guarantee our formulas can further embrace sustainability and performance, and be able to contribute to regenerate the skin and the planet.

Nature is and must be the greater “teacher” for us, which we can best interpret through the support of science.

Having a true holistic approach also means interconnection and this is why in our present and future the fact that we are a B Corp also plays a key role: it fosters us to constantly elevate our standards related to our commitment as a company to create a good life for all: our customers, our community, our planet.

RiA: Clean beauty brands have been populating the market more and more, how customers can evaluate and choose ingredients which are more suitable for their skin?

Davide: Mainly in two ways: with a transparent and clear communication on the packaging as well as an educational approach integrated into our social media strategy and on our website.

As for packaging, we are introducing new labels which clearly state the percentage of natural-origin ingredients, our sustainable choices, out efficacy and dermatological tests. The effort to be fully transparent also translates in a star in our ingredient list for each natural-origin ingredient to ensure everyone can immediately find them.

As for digital communication, we are completely revamping our content creation, starting from this fall, both on our own channels as well as with innovative media such as the use of podcasts where we’ll host skin experts. 

RiA: Beauty sector in 5 years, how is it going to look like? Define it in 3 words.

 Davide: Hyper-personalized, high-tech and hopefully clean and sustainable!

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Retail in Asia will keep you posted on [ comfort zone ]’s development in Asia and touch base again with Davide Bollati to discuss about sustainable beauty again.


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