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Chanel cosmetics opens “Coco game center” in Korea

Chanel Coco game center

Chanel opened Coco game center in front of Hongik University in Seoul.

It is an amusement arcade type pop-up store named after Coco, the main product of Chanel for promoting new products to young consumers.

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The Chanel logo is designed like a game block, and Chanel also presents its own game machine.

Chanel Coco Game Center opened in Japan first. Korea is the second outlet. The Coco Game Center, opened in Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan, was an event store to promote the new product ‘Rouge Coco Lip Blush’.

The colors are decorated with black, red, and white, which represent Chanel, and they have introduced an amusement machine that can draw dolls, play puzzle games, and play sound games.

Chanel logo on the handle of the amusement machine and a table tennis racket to play a table tennis ball on the screen of the game machine was made in the form of a ‘Rouge Coco Lip Blush’. In addition, a transparent ball containing a miniature Chanel cosmetics was placed in claw machine.

Chanel’s Coco Game Center started in Japan, but it runs longer in Korea for about 1 month. Chanel decided that Korea has a lot of cosmetic appreciators that collect cosmetics more than buying them for daily use.

Some games, such as claw machine, which can draw cosmetic samples, provide game coins only to pre-bookers. Make-up service is also available when making reservations in advance. There is also  a corner where you can try new products in cosmetics, a photo corner to take pictures, and a sales corner where you can buy products.

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Chanel’s arcade type pop-up store is a strategy to reach young consumers. Chanel has more aged customers than its early twenties due to the expensive image.
It is a strategy to easily approach to Chanel cosmetics while enjoying games.

Chanel Korea official said, “We plan to promote the ‘Rouge Coco Lip Blush’ as the main product in Korea and promote it to the younger people.” The plan after the Hongdae pop-up store has not been planned yet. ”

Coco game center is an example of how luxury brands are embracing a more consumer-oriented approach to engage millennials.  Gaming culture is very popular in Asia and after exploring advergaming as a way to engage consumers online, game centers represent a ‘come back’ of the offline experience.

This pop-up also contributes to the transformation of the physical store into a leisure space aimed to become a place to hang out more than shop. At the same time, this new experiential space frames pop-up stores as a temporary place where brand and consumer meet in a more comfortable and relaxed environment.

(Source: Hankyung News )