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Blue Bottle opens in Hong Kong

Blue Bottle

Despite stalling its opening, initially slated for early February, Blue Bottle launched at Central, Hong Kong on 29th April with a soft open to indulge Hong Kong people over the long weekend.

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Initially, guests will only be able to order to go, but even so hundreds were lining up at the opening.

Hong Kong Central store will be a two-story branch, with the ground floor, providing espresso drinks, iced beverages, and a curated selection of seasonal pastries to pair with Blue Bottle’s brewed-to-order goodness. Upstairs will be for relaxing time sitting back in leather-and-wood chairs and savour some of the brand’s iconic pour-over.

Founded in 2002, not only does Blue Bottle focus on using single-origin beans, it also works directly with farmers to ensure sustainable sources and aims for all of the chain’s stateside shops to achieve zero waste by the end of 2020.

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In the past few months, coffee shops were not seeing their brightest moment, but Blue Bottle’s opening in Hong Kong signalled hope at least for F&B, deeply hit by social distancing measures. Restaurants are indeed fully booked, but running at their 50% capacity.