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American Vintage brings French Pétanque to Causeway Bay

For the launch of its autumn/winter 2018 campaign, American Vintage has created a vibrant hotspot in Causeway Bay from 15 to 21 October.

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True to its roots, the French brand is bringing one of its local sport, “La Pétanque”, to introduce it to the world of Causeway Bay for the week along with unique wardrobes to be presented on Paterson Street.

Not only bringing a truly French experience to its customers, the brand has also brought the big theme of the design inspiration of its latest collection called “Les Bois”.

From mid-day to 10pm until the 21st of October, American Vintage invites everyone to discover and play Pétanque.

Announcing the debut of its new retail concept in Causeway Bay, the French brand is always committed to the use of brushed cotton, roll-up and raw-cut hemlines, creating a characteristic loose fit.

Surrounding by the French-style fence and romantic lavender, the Pétanque sand pool is set for 7-day long.

Sitting on a wooden chair and enjoying the leisure time, feel like being in the garden of
southern France, the origin of the brand. The soul and the spirit of the collection are exemplified through exuberant takes on timeless American Vintage styles.

To start the game, one of the players throws “Le Cochonnet” (the little ball to aim with the Pétanque Ball). The player tries to get closer to the Cochonnet by shooting or pointing the ball of the previous player.

Walking along the Paterson Street, two unique wardrobes are tailor-made to showcase the latest collection and the main color “Parma” of this season.

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The new collection returns to the basic earth tone and green colours. The use of natural materials, quality feel of fabrics and vintage treatment give depth and life to the pieces and the meticulous craftsmanship produces a truly sensory experience.