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AllSaints opens its first store in SEA


AllSaints announces its momentous store opening at Parkson Elite Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

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From East London, AllSaints designs full collections of womenswear, menswear and accessories.
The vision is conveyed through the mission statement, “to create a brand that blends music and fashion into a potent formula of desirable clothing that expresses individuality and attitude”.

Situated in a retail space of 800 sqft, the first AllSaints store in South East Asia is finally opened, marking the brand’s aggressive expansion plan towards this region in partnership with Bluebell.

Kuala Lumpur is among the fastest growing metropolitan regions at this region, naturally becomes the top of the mind when launching AllSaints.

AllSaints pays homage to cinema on the open road. The Spring collection campaign depicts all the classic road-movie tropes of escapism, romance, rebellion, freedom and hope – in which the road to nowhere leads us to life’s biggest truths.

“With awards season upon us, cinematic moods and imagery are the ubiquitous conversation points of the moment. Making movies has never been such a democratic art-form; we all do it every day with our phones, but the real ones that stand the test of time are still the best vehicle for escapism. AllSaints Spring collection is designed with the cinematic road trip in mind – the statement leopard-print dress as essential as the classic biker jacket – while taking our stylistic cues from Wild at Heart and Stranger Than Paradise as much as True Romance.” Wil Beedle, AllSaints Chief Creative Director.

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AllSaints is a global, digital, contemporary brand with an independent spirit. Headquartered in East London, the company designs full collections of womenswear, menswear and accessories.

AllSaints has over 3,000 employees across 29 countries who are obsessed with building a business model for the future, putting brand experience and the customer at the core of everything they do.

*Bluebell is the owner of Retail in Asia