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Vans collaborates with “Where’s Waldo” on a collection

Vans x Where's Waldo

An icon in its own right, the skateboarding shoes and apparel brand Vans uses design collaborations to pay tribute to cultural staples with a collaboration with the iconic illustration book “Where’s Waldo”.

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Vans’ newest collaboration is an homage to the classic series, presenting a wide collection of footwear and apparel for men, women and kids of all ages. The Vans x Where’s Waldo collection will be available worldwide beginning this January.

Dressed in a distinctive red and white striped shirt, beanie and blue jeans, Waldo is an adventurer who is never without his trusty magic walking stick. Traveling to everyday places around the world, Waldo often finds himself joyfully lost amongst the crowds.

Readers must scour detailed illustrations to locate the hidden traveler, conceiving the iconic phrase, “Where’s Waldo?” Making an appearance on the Classic Slip-On is the beach scene from Waldo’s first book. The colorful outdoor scene is offset with contrast red piping on the tongue with navy-blue foxing, a color scheme that echoes back to Waldo’s signature outfit of choice. Vans’ classic Authentic receives a Land of Waldos edition which pays homage to Waldo’s hometown, filled with adventures from the first book, “The Great Waldo Search.”

Vans x Waldo 1
Source: Vans

Vans’ popular Era silhouette features an all-over postage stamp pattern with stamps bearing memorable Where’s Waldo characters. Meanwhile, the Sk8-Hi features Waldo’s arch nemesis, Odlaw, an evil twin of the worldwide traveler who dons a black and yellow color scheme.

The Sk8-Hi is transformed into a black and yellow checkerboard pattern on the quarters of each shoe. If fans look closely, hidden among the checks are Waldo and Odlaw on both the adult and kids’ version.

International fans will rejoice for the Old Skool with signature red and white stripe uppers that are complimented by a white Sidestripe and a printed midsole with international versions of the renowned series, including France’s “Ou est Charlie?” to Dutch “Waar is Wally?” The Old Skool is finished with question mark-printed laces to complete the motif. Kids who are too busy adventuring to waste time on shoelaces can enjoy the international Old Skool V, equipped with Velcro strap closure.

Vans x Waldo 2
Source: Vans

The iconic beach scene reappears in kids’ apparel on a t-shirt. The blue short-sleeve tee features a large searchable graphic. A bright red snapback hat features a patch that declares “I Found Waldo” above a group shot of the series’ five main characters.

Rounding out the kids’ collection are two short sleeve shirts including a red and white stripe tee with Waldo characters printed throughout, along with a hoodie and tee with “I Found Waldo” and “Off The Wall” branding.

Fans of Wizard Whitebeard will want the red and white ringer tee and jockey hat who each have a hidden Waldo surprise. Both Waldo and the wizard pop-up on the Vans x Where’s Waldo Houser woven and shirt. The woven features Wizard Whitebeard peeking out from behind the pocket, while Waldo can be found waving from inside the pocket of the red and white stripe tee.

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The Vans x Where’s Waldo collection can be found in Vans retail stores worldwide and online.