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The Starbucks Foundation announces inaugural grants to 17 nonprofits across APAC

The Starbucks Foundation announced on 28th April that it will award grants to 17 local nonprofits in nine markets across Asia Pacific, focusing on youth, hunger relief, and diversity and inclusion, as part of the inaugural round of Global Community Impact Grants.
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Announced in March 2022, The Starbucks Foundation’s Global Community Impact Grants will  fund programs that create meaningful local impact, expanding on the company’s ambition to enhance the well-being of all who connect with Starbucks.

With more than 50 grants awarded across more than 30 markets, the program expands and  builds on other initiatives of The Starbucks Foundation, including Neighborhood Grants, Origin  Grants, and Disaster Response Grants, which focus on enabling community resiliency and  prosperity and uplifting communities affected by disaster.

In Asia Pacific, The Starbucks Foundation aims to invest in youth, amongst other focus areas, by  creating opportunities, building connections to critical resources like mental health, and  expanding access to learning and skills development. The grants will further build on existing  long-term local efforts and help create new partnerships to uplift those in need. The list includes:

  • Hong Kong:  A grant to  The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the city’s largest  youth service organization, will support the Career Starter program, which aims to  provide 60 youth with basic digital skills, internships and core skills for work readiness.
  • Indonesia: As part of Starbucks Indonesia’s partnership with Prestasi Junior Indonesia  (PJI), a grant will support a creative youth entrepreneurship program for 150 vocational  students, teaching them the business skills to build their own micro-enterprises over the  coming school year.
  • Singapore: A grant to the Autism Resource Center will support 20 adults with training in  sewing skills, social integration and employment opportunities.
  • Thailand: To promote sustainable livelihoods and create economic opportunities for  Thailand’s coffee farming communities, a grant will support the Integrated Tribal  Development Foundation (ITDP)’s Livelihood Training Program in providing training and  access to educational and economic resources.
  • The Philippines: A grant will support Gawad Kalinga’s efforts to nourish 600 youth,  while engaging 60 parents in nutrition education and by helping them build and  maintain community vegetable gardens.
  • South Korea: With over seven years of partnership with Junior Achievement Korea, a  grant will focus on continuing to help young people access economic opportunities  through the Build Success Skills program.

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“Since the beginning, Starbucks has been about more than coffee. We are a people company,  driven by our Mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit of all who touch Starbucks,” said  Michael Conway, Group President, International and Channel Development at Starbucks and  Board Member of The Starbucks Foundation. “Our partners know their communities best, and  we’re proud to work alongside our licensed business partners around the world to deepen our  collective impact and invest in meaningful ways that will help people and communities thrive.”