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Retykle launches a carbon savings calculator

In conjunction with Earth Day, Retykle, a resale platform for designer kidswear in Asia, has launched a carbon savings calculator to help customers understand how much they have reduced their carbon footprint by purchasing preloved fashion items on the platform versus purchasing new. This new feature is available across the entire secondhand clothing assortment on the Hong Kong ( and Singapore ( sites. 

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By empowering customers with their impact data, Retykle hopes to foster and grow their community’s commitment to trading secondhand and encourage greater engagement with other sustainability measures.

In order to calculate the carbon emissions saved for each piece of secondhand clothing, Retykle has devised their own impact measurement matrix which takes into account the product category, size, material composition and weight of each garment as well as the emission factors for each material.

Source: Retykle

“We believe that by empowering our community with options, visibility and transparency, we will create even more impactful behavioural change and a meaningful collective action towards circularity. This is a first step in our efforts to arm our community with a deeper understanding of their individual and collective impact. We hope it will serve as inspiration for making further changes towards a more sustainable tomorrow for their tykes,” said Sarah Garner, Founder of Retykle

The carbon savings calculator allows customers to quantify their impact in simple terms which reflect on their actions and measure their individual and collective impact. This new feature is available across the secondhand clothing assortment on the Hong Kong and Singapore sites.

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Retykle is a resale platform founded by Sarah Garner in 2016. Ever committed to its environmental mission, the platform has incorporated eco-friendly practices throughout its business as well as keeping outgrown kids items in circulation and out of landfill. To date, Retykle has re-circulated over 200,000 items of clothing, saving 1,180,000 lb of carbon and 907 million liters of water.