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& Other Stories collaborates with Korean designer Rejina Pyo

Rejina Pyo

Apparel retailer & Other Stories collaborates with South Korean-born, London-based fashion designer Rejina Pyo on a limited co-lab collection.

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The Korean-born, London-based fashion designer known for her signature dresses’ sculptural beauty and relaxed suiting with unexpected twists that encourage individual instincts.

“I am inspired by women who follow their passion and make it their path. That energy and free spirit resonate with me and summarises the shared storyline that unites me with the three women I choose for this campaign,” said the designer Rejina Pyo.

The co-lab collection is being brought into the lives of three women who inspire Rejina – Lotta Klemming, Sweden’s female oyster diver, Brittany Asch, an LA-based florist and Poppy Okotcha, a UK based grower and forager – who paved their own way through their passions.

Source: & Other Stories

“Lotta Klemming is a wild oyster diver in Sweden. I am moved by her closeness to the natural world. She reminds me of ‘the women of Haenyeo’, who I have been fascinated by since I was a little girl. The Haenyeo is a group of female divers in the Korean province of Jeju. They dive all day, every day. Some of them are over eighty years old and can hardly walk on land. But in the sea, they become young again. When I first heard about Lotta, I thought of her as their far-flung granddaughter!” commented Pyo.

Source: & Other Stories

“Brittany Asch is an incredible florist in Los Angeles. I am drawn to her use of unexpected colours, shapes and textures. Her flower arrangements are pretty unconventional and experimental, but at the same time, effortless and exquisite. I can relate to the way she works with that precious balance,” said Pyo.

Source: & Other Stories

“Poppy Okotcha is an ecologically focused grower and forager in Devon, UK. I admire her knowledge about edible and medicinal plants, and I’m smitten by her enthusiasm and the genuine happiness that she radiates from being in nature. Her endeavours act as a reminder to me to spend more time surrounded by nature,” said Pyo.

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The Regina Pyo x & Other Stories collection is launched on 15th April and is available to shop online and in selected stores.