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Moncler Genius launches MONDOGENIUS in five cities


For the first time, Moncler Genius broke down borders to unite and connect people around the world with MONDOGENIUS, a digital experience into the culture of Moncler that took global communities on a journey through five cities, sharing the creative visions of 11 designers, all under one show.

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Opening the event, live from Milan, Moncler’s global partner and 15-time GRAMMY® Award-winning singer, songwriter and producer Alicia Keys led the audience through MONDOGENIUS. While she interacted with singer and actress Victoria Song, who was live herself from Shanghai, the show streamed via a dedicated microsite as well as more than 30 platforms including social media, e-tailers, websites and media outlets, giving all audiences the possibility to access this extraordinary journey.

Taking viewers from Milan to Shanghai, Tokyo to Seoul, then to New York and back again, Alicia threw the gates wide open so everyone could become a part of the MONDOGENIUS story. By uniting communities and generations from all over the world, this digital journey drew the audience in, creating a reason to belong with the Moncler universe.

Removing the limitations of the physical realm, the MONDOGENIUS digital experience seamlessly linked the two worlds, creating an open space to engage in new conversations, exchange ideas and welcome in everyone’s creative expressions.

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“Today is not only about products, but is even more about our communities and the culture we want to shape together. The world is changing, people do not want the same things as before, they demand and expect more from brands. Today, we must find new ways to connect and engage, becoming pioneers of new messages. The greatest inspirations I had in my life came directly from people and at Moncler we know that the more we inspire people, the more they inspire us. I truly believe in the power of connecting communities around experiences and creative visions. This is the principle that guided the creation of Moncler Genius for 2021,” said Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini.