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Merino wool brand Shleep opens in Hong Kong

Shleep Launch

Luxury Australian bedding and sleepwear brand Shleep launched its Woolmark-certified Merino wool-rich bedding and sleep accessories in Lane Crawford last Friday, as part of a campaign to celebrate World Sleep Day (March 15).

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Introducing a 21-piece wool-rich bedding collection including blankets, swaddle sets, pillows, mattress covers, duvets, toys and sleepwear, the latest launch highlights a wide array of sleep and wellness-focused products bringing customers “the best mornings ever” with a good night’s sleep. The collection is suitable for everyone from newborns to adults, and showcases the versatility, beauty and natural benefits of Merino wool.

“Research shows that natural wool bedding can improve sleep quality by 25 percent, by regulating body heat with its temperature and moisture control functions. Wool bedding can even keep us within our thermal comfort zone in the summer, to ensure deep sleep year-round,” said Indi McCullough, Founder of Shleep.

Known as the “miracle fiber”, premium superfine Merino wool is ultra-smooth, soft, lightweight yet hardwearing. Shleep enhances these attributes further and each fiber is crimped and fine, which results in a woven or knit product that has a natural pillow-y loft and breathability. It also naturally wicks away perspiration, absorbing up to 35 percent of its own weight in moisture, keeping the skin fresher and drier.

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Products are now available at the Lane Crawford Pacific Place Home Store in Hong Kong.