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Mercedes-AMG and Palace collaborate on a collection

Skateboarding trifft auf Performance LuxurySkateboarding meets Performance Luxury

The skateboard and streetwear brand Palace is collaborating with the German sports car brand Mercedes-AMG on a special collection of apparel and accessories.

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Exclusivity paired with an unconventional attitude to life, that is what Mercedes-AMG and the skateboard and streetwear brand Palace have in common.

Motorsport and street skateboarding share some basic characteristics: in both areas, it is all about performance and speed; adrenaline and coolness form an unbeatable combination.

So it makes sense that Mercedes-AMG, with its roots in motorsport and involvement in Formula 1 plus GT3 and GT4 customer racing, would partner with Palace, the iconic London skateboarding brand that plays a pioneering role in the skateboarding and fashion world with its unique look, and likewise enters the competitive fray with enthusiasm on a daily basis.

The collaboration includes the first co-branded collection of apparel and accessories jointly designed by Palace and a car brand, as well as the first vehicle livery designed by Palace.

This will be presented on the Mercedes-AMG GT3 racing car of Mercedes-AMG Team HRT with the starting number 6 at the legendary ADAC Total 24-hour race at the Nürburgring on 4th June 2021. With this GT3 racing car, Palace has created a campaign that spectacularly showcases the vehicle and the collaboration.

Source: Mercedes-AMG

“The partnership with Palace underlines the transformation of our Mercedes-AMG brand towards more lifestyle. We are opening up to new target groups and sending out strong signals with spectacular and surprising campaigns that further sharpen the brand orientation of Mercedes-AMG,” says Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

“We love working with the best in their field, and AMG is just that. We are very proud to be participating in such a great motorsport event as the ADAC Total 24-hour race with a racing car that bears our rowdy livery,” Palace said.

Inspired by the energy of endurance racing and the rich iconography of AMG, Palace has designed an exclusive collection that fuses streetwear with the world of motorsport aesthetics.

At the centre of the collection, and prominently displayed on the bonnet of Palace’s Mercedes-AMG GT3, is a white sabre-toothed tiger as a visible – and emphatically audible – symbol of the collaboration between AMG and Palace.

Like the livery of the Palace Mercedes-AMG GT3, the Palace AMG Collection uses the colour palette of the sabre-toothed tiger and its habitat. Orange and violet, as well as black and white tones, evoke the sunsets of the Indian savannah and the fur of the tiger.
At the same time, the designers were inspired by the sound and energy of an endurance race.

Source: Palace

The collection combines streetwear as a cult with the striking appearance of racing cars marked by sponsor logos. References to motorsport and the placement of the combined Palace and AMG logos as well as the specially created collaboration logo are distinctive features.

The collection includes Palace basics such as a Gore-Tex jacket and trousers, a leather jacket, sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts and T-shirts.

Accessories such as caps, knitted beanie hats, driving gloves, luxurious leather bags and a skateboard with matching sets of wheels in an AMG rim design round off the range.

Inspired by the raw, animal power of the Mercedes-AMG GT3, Palace has created a campaign called “Get Sehr Fast”, set in the world of motorsport and performing on the legendary Nürburgring North Loop.

The Mercedes-AMG GT3 in the Palace-designed livery meets Palace skaters Rory Milanes, Chewy Cannon, Benny Fairfax and Charlie Birch, as well as Palace videographer Austin Bristow and a white sabre-toothed tiger. In this way, the campaign combines the relentless pace of endurance racing with Palace’s relentless pursuit of excitement and surprise.

Palace creatives Lev Tanju and Stuart Hammond are responsible for the creation of the film.

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The special collection will be available in Palace stores and online from 4th June 2021 in UK, EU, US, and 5th June in Japan and China (WeChat).

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