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Louis Vuitton collaborates with NIGO on a collection

Louis Vuitton continues its collaboration between Virgil Abloh and Japanese streetwear designer NIGO with the launch of the second LV2 collection for Pre-Spring 2022.

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United by friendship and a shared subcultural practice popularly known as streetwear, the two designers investigate their diverse cultural roots under the global emblem of Louis Vuitton. The sophomore season expands on this exchange in a celebration of NIGO®’s Japanese provenance, the inherent tapestry of his fashion upbringing, and the geo-specific gaze on the Western men’s wardrobe instilled in him from boyhood.

Informed by NIGO®’s personal collections of British subcultural dress, LV2 cross-pollinates a Western 1950s and ‘60s’ tailoring silhouette with a Japanese sensibility. Garments and accessories native to sartorial tropes, military icons and traditional costumes are observed through a decidedly formalised lens, consistently imbuing the casual with a heightened elegance.

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The collection is available in stores worldwide on 28th October.