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Study shows in-game advertising maximises marketing dollars in sports category

TNS on 12 February released findings from the ESPN Sports Poll, a monthly tracking study exploring the similarities between traditional sports fans and the sports-gaming audience. The study was conducted in partnership with Electronic Arts Inc. and its results suggest that advertisers interested in sports content who are not leveraging in-game advertising are missing a big opportunity.

"Fans consume sports in multidimensional ways," says Robert Fox, Senior Vice President at TNS and Executive Director of the ESPN Sports Poll. "Today’s interactive entertainment enables fans to engage with their favourite sports on a platform that looks incredibly close to the real thing. When a person is engaged in the video game, there is no channel surfing, and the game is paused only for necessity. This is a terrific way for real-world advertisers and sponsors to develop incremental affinity for their brands."

(Source: TNS)