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EPIC MMA Club opens its Asia flagship in HK’s Central

EPIC MMA Club on Thursday opened its Asia flagship in Hong Kong’s Central. The 15,000 square foot mixed martial arts (MMA) training facility offers small-group and individual programs in a variety of martial art disciplines, all taught by championship-level instructors. The club aims to help members improve physically, emotionally and psychologically through the practice of martial arts and functional fitness.

"We are excited to bring EPIC MMA Club to Hong Kong," said Cole Sirucek, co-founder and CEO of EPIC MMA Club. "As lifelong martial arts competitors we are eager to introduce our stable of championship-level instructors to Hong Kong and to share the health benefits of MMA. Our unrivalled training complex – located in the heart of Central and designed by an award-winning architect – is truly Epic. It combines world-class, event-quality facilities with five-star services. In EPIC, we have built the facility we have always wanted."

"EPIC MMA is a first for Hong Kong in terms of programs, size, facilities, location and – above all – the pedigree of our trainers," said Kevin Fialko, co-founder and chairman of EPIC MMA Club. "We have sourced leading MMA competitors as instructors. They are professional martial artists who compete globally, hold numerous championship titles and are adept at training all levels from children and beginners to the most advanced. We firmly believe that to be your best you must learn from the best and this is what EPIC is all about."

The club is one of 66 academies worldwide affiliated with the highly acclaimed BJJ Revolution. It also offers a range of programs including Muay Thai, EpiCORE, western boxing and MMA. The premises include Hong Kong’s only event-sized MMA octagon, as well as five-star concierge laundry service and a juice and refreshment bar with wi-fi access.