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Aussie golf cart shop – from local shop to national brand

Many businesses realise the benefit of a website for their business.

For Gold Coast based golf carts and accessories shop Carts n Parts their website has quickly helped them achieve national results. Within 1 year of launch, internet users from Townsville and Mackay to Darwin and Perth have arranged for the purchase of golf carts and accessories they found on the website. Despite having more access to physical shops, the major metropolitan cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have also jumped at the chance to choose products online. 

Shen Lam, director of Eightball Media (the Brisbane web firm who designed the Carts ‘n’ Parts website) says that there is good reason for the success of, “We do like to take some credit for smart design and layout of a website. At the end of the day though, a successful company has to offer good value, up-to-date products and friendly customer service and support. Carts ‘n’ Parts are a great example of that.” 

(Source: Carts n Parts)