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Microluxe is a showroom, store and hotel in one

Melbourne architect Ben Edwards has a turned a tiny one-bedroom flat in the suburb of Fitzroy into an uber-cool retail concept.

Labelled as “a showroom, store and hotel in one”, the flat goes by the name of Microluxe and is just down the road from the Edwards Moore studio he shares with his partner, Juliette Moore.

Refurbishing it into a retail space slash short-term rental on Airbnb, Microluxe will debut at the end of June 2016 with everything inside that’s not nailed down for sale.

The kitchen of Microluxe.

This includes the bath, kitchen fit-out, marble walls, towels, chairs, paintings, light fittings, the leather couch, coffee table and even smaller items like the olive oil soap.

An iPad in the apartment allows guests to order the items brand new online from retailers that Edwards has sourced them from. As an added bonus, guests of Microluxe are given a 10 percent discount.

Even the marble walls are for sale.

“It’s a shop you can stay in; an interesting cross-over between design and retail,” he said. “You might get up from the bed and think ‘that was amazing’. So you get to try before you buy.”

Microluxe will cost A$300 (US$223) per night. Get a preview on their website and Instagram: @micro_luxe.

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