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Evian launches “I Wanna #Liveyoung” campaign

Targeting millennials with themes of living a full life whilst radiating a strong sense of self is a common strategy for brands and marketers and evian has adopted this approach to engage this generation in a new global campaign.

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Themed “I Wanna #Liveyoung”, it aims to engage millennials by celebrating their multi-dimensional spirit and multi-hyphenate identities, living multiple lifestyles spanning different disciplines, including travel, entrepreneurship, fashion, and health and wellness, to name a few.

The campaign has positioned evian as an enabler of these millennial lives, giving them a moment of respite from the pressure of excelling and conforming to societal expectations.

“Evian’s ‘I Wanna #Liveyoung’ campaign celebrates those who do not settle for just one path. It is for the multifaceted, the ones with aspirations and a thirst for life. Our youths today embrace an inspirational attitude – to be and do what they want, paving their way in life – that is a true testament to living young with evian,” said Franck Escudier, marketing director, evian International.

Ella Chen
Source: Evian

Featuring a range of localised celebrities, the campaign has now launched in Taiwan, and features popular Taiwanese singer and actress Ella Chen.

“I believe all of us embody a multi-hyphenate lifestyle deep within and there is not just one thing that defines us. As an entrepreneur, artiste, a mother, and a fitness coach, such lifestyle is more than a label – it is an attitude that involves the heart, body, and soul,” Ella Chen said.

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“I am excited to be collaborating with evian as we embrace the multi-dimensional spirit, while at the same time adopt values of satisfying our insatiable curiosity to do what we ‘wanna’ do,” she continued.