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Dior partners with Technogym on limited-edition home fitness collection

Technogym and Dior teamed up to create an exclusive limited-edition series of fitness products, with the shared objective of inspiring a lifestyle guided by the values ​​of health and excellence. The limited-edition home fitness products include a treadmill, a multifunction bench and a wellness ball.

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The result of an original encounter between the Technogym Research and Innovation centre and the Dior creative team, three of the most iconic Technogym products are revisited with Dior codes to become symbols of excellence and attention to detail, embodying the values ​​and culture shared by both brands.

Produced in Italy at the Technogym Village, these special creations reflect a mutual commitment of inspiring a lifestyle that combines physical exercise and style to motivate people living a happier and healthier life.

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Nerio Alessandri, Founder of Technogym and Wellness Designer, commented, “This shared goal of excellence gives life to a limited series of innovative Technogym products interpreted with the Maison Dior’s unique allure. Created to inspire the concept of wellness with new generations, it also offers people the opportunity to live a unique and irresistible experience.”

The Dior and Technogym Limited Edition series is available exclusively in Dior boutiques worldwide starting in January 2022.