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Volkswagen aims to have all its new cars talking by 2020

“Talking cars” are set to become the norm in 2020, at least if it’s a Volkswagen. The German automaker aims to make all of its new cars “connected” by then.

Speaking to the Nikkei Asian Review, Volkmar Tanneberger, head of electrical and electronic development at the German automaker, was referring to autos that can talk to one another and the road, as well as be constantly connected to the internet, among other features.

“A full lineup of connected cars is an absolute must for meeting consumers’ needs.” – Volkmar Tanneberger

Noting that digital technologies account for 90% of the innovation in automobiles nowadays, Tanneberger said Volkswagen will roll out the foundational technologies in 2016 and go global with the initiative by 2018.

Most of the 90 million or so autos sold worldwide last year were likely not connected, but when connected cars finally do penetrate the market, this will have a ripple effect on telecommunications companies and device manufacturers.

Major automakers are increasingly eager to collaborate with Japanese telecoms, the leaders in the 5G technology said to offer 100 times the speed of today’s high-speed 4G service.