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INFINITI LAB Hong Kong 3.0 to target “The Future Consumer”

INFINITI LAB Hong Kong 3.0 to target “The Future Consumer”

On 12 October 2017, INFINITI Motor Company Ltd. and Nest, a leading venture capital firm and innovation partner, announced the official launch of the INFINITI LAB Global Accelerator 3.0 under the theme of “The Future Consumer”.

INFINITI LAB is a global program that aims to address locally relevant challenges.

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Embracing the opportunity to boost retail innovation in Hong Kong, INFINITI has invited seven high-potential startups, two from Hong Kong and five others from Canada, Germany, Mexico, Sweden and the US, to its global headquarters to develop future technologies that enhance the customer journey. During the program, The seven startups, selected among 130 applications, they will test, evolve and refine their technologies to win over investors and industry leaders.

“INFINITI has an established reputation as an innovator with a pioneering spirit. This makes us a natural partner for entrepreneurs who seek out new experiences and push boundaries every day,” said Dane Fisher, General Manager, Global Business Transformation & Brand, INFINITI Motor Company.

“We are dedicated to supporting top entrepreneurial talent around the world and helping bring their ideas to life through comprehensive startup programs and world-class partnerships,” he added.

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The evening launch featured a live panel discussion on the topic of The Future Consumer: Improving Customer Experience with Emerging Technologies.

The speakers—including Dane Fisher, General Manager, Global Business Transformation & Brand at INFINITI Motor Company, David Castaneda, Head of Business Development of Visionaries 777 and INFINITI LAB Hong Kong 2.0 alumnus, Benoit Lavaud, Group Digital Director, Bluebell Group, and Elisa Harca, Regional Director, Red Ant Asia—shared their thoughts on how disruptive technologies such as AI, Big Data and VR will transform consumer experiences in Hong Kong and the world over. This year, two Hong Kong-based startup ventures, COVE and actiMirror have been selected to join the global program.

Lawrence Morgan, CEO of Nest, said “This year’s INFINITI LAB Hong Kong 3.0 Accelerator Program will focus on ‘The Future Consumer’, innovations in retail technology and the customer experience. These exciting startups from around the world will have access to the INFINITI network of executives and ecosystem partners, benefit from intensive business coaching and mentoring, as well as exposure to established investors across Asia. We have created a bespoke 10-week program for our startups and look forward to working with these high-potential businesses.”

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The program will conclude with Demo Day on 13 December, 2017, where the entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas to a panel of investors in hope of securing partnerships and funding to propel their businesses to the next phase.

They will also have a chance to pitch their business cases to key decision makers from INFINITI and the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

These programs and key partnerships are the latest developments in INFINITI’s ongoing support of the global startup ecosystem. INFINITI continues to explore innovative new initiatives and partnerships that empower entrepreneurs on every step of their journey.

Retail in Asia joined the press conference, more details coming soon!