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Indian motorbike major Bajaj adopts new branding strategy

The once household name, Humara Bajaj, has transformed into a "zoo" of brands, so Indian motorbike brand Bajaj Auto is now strategically promoting its individual products as standalone.

"Up until the 1980s, the Bajaj identity was very clear – it was a value-for-money brand. There were the scooters Super, Chetak or Priya. They all looked the same, like they belonged to same ‘family’, and if you put a three-wheeler next to it, it would look like it was from the same brand as well," says a Bajaj spokesperson.

Asked if the company has started dropping the Bajaj brand, he says, "We are not in anyway suggesting that we are dissociating from the main Bajaj brand, but the implementation [to downplay the brand] has been underway for some time."