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Klasse14 launches VOLARE Taras collection


VOLARE is Klasse14’s most successful and iconic design. Its dial resembles an eagle in flight, which also recalls the emblem of the brand with the two hands.


The watch itself is very minimalistic, each collections brings in details, which make it unique. The Taras collection gets inspiration from the mythological character of Taras, son of Poseidon and the nymph Satyria, and therefore with a strong connection with water.

Taras is known for being the founder of the city of Taranto in Southern Italy. The new watch has the same adventurous appeal of the Greek hero. The connection with water is translated into the diver-looking rotating basel and rubber straps.

This sporty touch gives the iconic VOLARE recessed dial and bent minute and second hands an enhanced street style, which embodies the idea of a modern urban hero.

Source: Klasse14

Taras collection symbolizes the encounter between ancient and modern, old and new. The new&old contradictive element is consistent with the choice of the city chosen for the advertising campaign of the collection, Hong Kong, home for the brand and daily
inspiration for its creative designer.

The campaign is the result of the collaborative work of Klasse14 and Dani Bautista, multi-awarded photographer and filmmaker based in Hong Kong known for his documentaries about skateboarding.

Dani Bautista has worked with several lifestyle brands to create videos in urban landscape and immersed in skate culture. In this campaign, Taras acquires an outdoor and sporty look without giving up the modern and trendy traits.

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The perfect and balanced combination of urban design, colours, and details make this watch one of Klasse14 most versatile model. The watch comes in 4 different colours; black, silver, vintage gold (bronze), and the super popular rainbow plating.