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Klasse14 launches the latest Volare Galaxy collection

Klasse14 Volare Galaxy (5)

Ever since the launch of Volare, the first watch of Klasse14 in 2014, the collection has become one of the most sought-after fashion watches among millennials and the signature of the brand.

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Remaining faithful to its motto of Ordinarily Unique, Klasse14 always creates unexpected innovative collections, successfully carving a name for itself as a fashion forward and lifestyle brand.

Volare, an Italian word meaning “to fly”, artistically manifests the desire for freedom of Mario Nobile, the brand’s Creative Director and Co-founder.

Mario believes that the most appealing symbol of liberty in nature is the majestic eagle and naturally included in the concept. To capture this spirit, the watch hands are designed to be curved upwards, signifying wings in flight.

Klasse14 Volare Galaxy (18)
Source: Klasse14

The dial has a conic shape to capture the light from all directions. It is encased in a brushed stainless steel case that makesthe watch ideal for different occasions.

This year, the collection goes beyond the sky, expanding with a new design inspired by the universe, Volare Galaxy, a seasonal and limited edition.

The vast and deep space that surrounds the intriguing planets offers Klasse14 a journey to re-interpret its colors. The ever-changing layers of colors of Mars, Mercury and Neptune become the protagonists of this collection, refusing to be conformable but unconventional. It is a self-expression of pursuit of freedom, courage to go beyond boundaries.

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New additions feature a distinguishing two-color tone case that subtly fades down the dial, creating an effect that resembles the three planets and their dark shadows. The collection includes black and rose gold, black and silver, and black and blue, all available in 36mm and 42mm.