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Isetan Men’s reopens, forecasts ¥50 billion sales


Isetan-Mitsukoshi unveiled its updated Men’s Annex last month.

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Recognising the declining relevance of the traditional gift-giving seasons in June and December as well as Valentine’s day, the annex now includes much more emphasis on luxury merchandise and custom-order apparel and accessories to appeal to wealthy Japanese and inbound tourists.

New luxury concessions include Celine and Gucci. In the last five years, luxury brand sales have increased 90% and the number of customers spending more than ¥300,000 a year has risen 35%. Isetan says that of its 2.6 million existing customers, the average age is 50, but hopes the updated store will attract more wealthy millennials.

Currently, the latter account for 20% of customers but Isetan expects to raise this to 23% in the short-term while increasing inbound customers from 9% to 16% of the total.

Custom-order sales floors for suits, shirts and footwear include tablets to help customers select design options – customers can also order custom-designed suitcases from Rimowa and Globetrotter.

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The annex turned over ¥44.2 billion in 2018 but Isetan expects sales to increase to ¥50 billion in 2020, overtaking the previous record of ¥47.6 billion set in 2007.

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