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Heytea lands in Hong Kong


On December, 24 Sha Tin New Town Plaza, in Hong Kong, welcomed Heytea.

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A huge crowd queuing up for more than 3 hours just to get a cup of Cheese Tea from the Chinese tea-drink brand Heytea was the protagonit that day. Due to the buy-one-get-one free promotion during the Christmas holidays, people started lining up as early as 6:00 am.

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Heytea officially announced that it had opened its first Hong Kong store only on january, 3. They chose to expand into Hong Kong’s market due to the city’s international status as well as its vibrant food and beverage scene. It helps to promote Heytea as a popular and innovative tea-drink brand among global consumers, especially younger generations.

The store not only offers its signature cheese tea, but also a great variety of fruit tea and ice cream. The tea is imported from all over the world which aims to renew the traditional tea culture.

Also, it introduces an exclusive product combined with Hong Kong local food culture, namely, the Eggette Roll Sundae, adding new vitality into the brand, according to its founder Nie Yunchen.

He said “geographically, Hong Kong is adjacent to Guangdong Province and Shenzhen. Hong Kong people already know our brand and often buy our tea when they visit Shenzhen or other cities in Guangdong. In order to thank our supporters and cope with an increasing demand of our tea, we think it is the right time to extend our reach to the city.”

Zhenglei, Development Director of Heytea, confirmed that Heytea opened its second Hong Kong store in Causeway Bay on 12 January 2019. “We are quite confident that our tea products will be very welcomed by our customers in Hong Kong.”

In order to avoid a huge crowd like the last opening, Heytea planned to replace the traditional order and payment method by ordering through their mobile app.

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The second shop of Heytea located in Causeway Bay is named as “Heyteago”, their customer can order online in anytime, anywhere for a cup of tea-to-go. Therefore, cheese-tea lovers can save their time and no need to queue up for 3 hours outside Heytea again.

(Source: InvestHK)