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Top South Korean cosmetic brand all set to capture the Indian market


The Face Shop is a world renowned South Korean cosmetics brand which has dominated  South Korea for a decade now and it is a subsidiary of LG Corporation. Now after dominating South Korea, The Face Shop is all set to enter the Indian market. There is a lot of possibility that it can be another game changer in the Indian market.

The Face Shop was launched in December 2003 in Korea and till now TFS has been successful in 34 countries by virtue of its focus on natural products and value based pricing to consumers.

TFS wants to restructure all their cosmetics and do a launch in India. TFS product range includes: Skin Care, Makeup, Cleansing, Mask, Body, Hair, Perfume, Aroma and products specific for both women and men.

The Face Shop had a launch event at New Delhi’s Connaught Place where a South Korean makeup artist Mr. Shwan Kim have shown their products and have applied it on their model.

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Some of their key products are The Therapy moisture blending formula cream which is a powerful moisturizing formula with the blend of essential oils.

The Face Shop overseas marketing Manager, Ms. Diane Lee said, “Finally we are reaching India, the most wanted market for cosmetics from their global business perspective.”

“Indians are connected to nature and as TFS focuses on natural products range, it has a high probability of becoming favourites of Indian people,” adds Lee.

TFS is expecting a lot from the Indian market and understand the level of competition it has to face from other Indian or international brands. TFS will be launching highly growing e-commerce market at first and then will expand to off line market by next year.

TFS has more than 2,950 stores in 34 countries and company’s total sales marked US $570 million in 2015.

(Source: Sunday Guardian)