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Song Hye-kyo for Sulwhasoo


Sulwhasoo, a brand of AMOREPACIFIC, selected Song Hye-kyo, Asia’s leading actress, as its brand ambassador.

Song Hye-gyo will play a role in delivering the story of the brand to customers through various global campaigns of Sulwhasoo.

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Song Hye-kyo is a Korean celebrity leading the Korean Wave, also official PR ambassador of ‘Korea-China Economic Trade Partnership’.

Sulwhasoo brand official said “Song Hye-kyo is a talented actress who is able to communicate with consumers around the world and express her unique personality”.

“In addition, Sulwhasoo is a brand that has conveyed Korea’s unique cultural beauty. Through Song Hye – kyo, we will be more solidly aroused by the true aesthetics found in the philosophy of tradition, modernity, harmony and balance.”

The artist Song Hye-kyo, who is loved all over Asia, will show off her timeless beauty and tit will be associated with Sulwhasoo.

Sulwhasoo pursues the balance between internal and external beauty by gaining wisdom from nature and cultivating beauty as a precious gift.

Sulwhasoo is indeed made of aunique ingredients of Asian wisdom which are ‘Jiemdan’ and ‘Ginseng.’

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As of 2017, Sulwhasoo has expanded into 12 countries worldwide including Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, USA, Canada and France and it is a true global brand not only in Asia and the Americas but also in Europe. It is strengthening its position by conveying Korean beauty and values throughout the world.


(Source: Jangup)