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Shiseido Company, Ltd. announced the partnership between SHISEIDO MEN and FC BARCELONA.

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The two are joining forces to collaborate on the launch of the reinvigorated SHISEIDO MEN series of highly engineered men’s skincare and makeup products. At the same time, Sergi Roberto, one of the four Captains at FC BARCELONA, is being named as “SHISEIDO MEN & FC BARCELONA Partnership Ambassador”.

The partnership with FC BARCELONA has just kicked off in early 2021 and runs for two years through to December 2022 across Japan, Greater China, Italy and Spain. As part of the agreement, SHISEIDO MEN will produce a co-branded content series with the Club revolving around the first team players’ lifestyle and a movie featuring Sergi Roberto.

Ryota Yukisada, Chief Brand Officer, Brand SHISEIDO said, “SHISEIDO MEN will be marking the new era with wholly renewing its line of high-quality, high-performance men’s skincare and makeup products backed by Shiseido’s many years of scientific research on men’s skin. At this moment, we are delighted to announce this partnership with FC Barcelona and Sergi Roberto, which we believe it will strength the value and synergy towards our products and consumers. SHISEIDO MEN, represents a men who enjoys life to the fullest by being involved with others with positive attitude, offers optimal skin care solutions to him and his partners.”

Sergi Roberto embodies the reborn SHISEIDO MEN’s image of a man, living both his professional and private life to the fullest and conveying a good, all-around impression. Known for being versatile and able to play different positions on the pitch, his multifaceted interests off the pitch include fashion, cooking and travel. At age 14 he joined the internationally renowned youth academy La Masia, a leading center for sports and human training for decades. With a can-do spirit, he played through the youth levels, onto the Barça B team and made his debut for the first team in 2010. Earning the respect of teammates and coaches, he became one of the captains of the Club since the 2018/19 season. It is his character and ability to set a good example that attracted SHISEIDO MEN to Sergi Roberto.

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Upon being named Ambassador, Sergi Roberto said, “I am excited to have been chosen as the Ambassador of this unique partnership between SHISEIDO MEN & FC Barcelona. As someone who gives their all on the pitch and approaches life with an enthusiastic attitude, I am thrilled to align myself with a brand that shares my values. Other than competing, I am constantly inspired by the endless support from my family, friends and colleagues who enrich my life every day. Through this collaboration with SHISEIDO MEN, I want to inspire people to push past their limits to live boldly and explore their full potential.”