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Olive Young rises as mecca for Korean beauty products

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Olive Young’s Myeong-dong branch is the largest health and beauty store in the industry,  with over 10,000 visitors every day, according to CJ OliveNetworks.

The Myeong-dong branch, having opened in 2012, promotes “healthy and beautiful lifestyle” as a one-stop lifestyle platform, selling a wide variety of products ranging from cosmetics, health foods, character products, interior pieces and exercise equipment to fashion accessories.
Olive Young’s Myeong-dong branch quickly brings in products that are popular online to become pioneers in new trends. Just by entering the store, visitors can easily witness the lifestyle trends that the younger generation in Korea is excited about.

There have been attempts to create a new shopping experience for the visitors recently, including the “4-D Racing” experience where customers who purchased products from Olive Young’s makeup brand “Wakemake” could participate in a racing game. The event is to celebrate a limited edition “Wakemake X GoolyGlooly Friends” of Wakemake, which is their own brand, and let customers experience roller coster sensation through 4-D racing.

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The event was a success, with around 5,000 participants. Related videos on social media also amassed over 2,000 hits in two weeks.

The branch has been able to please the tastes of both its domestic and foreign customers, allowing it to expand nationwide. The store has been promoted by world-famous actresses as well. Last month, French actress Juliette Binoche visited the store and showed particular interest in facial masks, such as the Collagen Ampoule Mask and Modeling. She purchased various K beauty items, including the hair mini brush, selfie stick and fluff remover.
Drew Barrymore, who visited the store in September, posted a picture of herself in front to her Instagram, commenting that “the store is phenomenal!”