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Laneige undergoes brand renewal

Laneige undergoes brand renewal

Cosmetics brand Laneige, run by Amorepacific, undergoes a brand renewal for the first time in five years, in a bid to strengthen its moisturizing skincare portfolio, the company said.

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Under the new concept “Luminous Beauty,” the brand aims to focus on developing products that hydrate and rejuvenate the skin to overcome dryness based on its 25 years of expertise.

“We have found that moisturizing is not just an essential step in skincare, but an important factor in maintaining clear and radiant skin. That is why we decided to revamp our brand concept and extend our research on moisturizers. We will further promote innovative beauty trends,” a Laneige official said.

Throughout the years, Laneige has developed moisturizers to address skin concerns like hydration, pore refining, and anti-aging.

By rolling out renewed products that relate to overcoming dryness, the brand aims to appeal to all demographics and grab a greater market share.

Laneige tapped into the European market by partnering with Sephora. Its products are now available in 800 Sephora stores across 18 countries in Europe, including France, Spain and Italy.

Laneige has also successfully launched its brand in major ASEAN countries as well as the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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To celebrate the renewal of Laneige’s best-selling product Water Bank Essence, the company held a global conference in Shanghai, inviting around 250 media professionals and setting up a pop-up store to attract Chinese customers.

(Source: The Korea Times)