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Laneige enters US Sephora

Laneige enters US Sephora

Cosmetics brand Laneige, run by Amorepacific, will be available at the multi-shop brand Sephora in North America starting on Saturday 23 September, according to Amorepacific.

Laneige products will be distributed through 144 Sephora stores across the US along with 74 stores in Canada, according to the company.

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Sephora is the largest distributor of Beauty Multi Shop in the United States, with 365 stores, and is famous for leading the American beauty trends.

Sephora stores in Canada have been carrying distributing Laneige since September 2015.

The brand previously launched in the US through the retailer Target in 2014, but pulled out from the stores in 2015. It is re-entering the market through an exclusive contract with Sephora.

Laneige will be developing products exclusively for the American millennial target demographic and strengthen customer experience through localizing strategies, the company said.

Laneige will satisfy customer’s need by showing sleeping beauty category such as Water sleeping mask, as well as K-beauty’s core items and Laneige’s best sellers Water Bank, Bibi Cushion, Two-tone Lip Bar.

The company is trying to diversify global markets.

Since launching in Asia market in April 2002 with Sogo Department Store in Hong Kong, Laneige has been expanding into 12 countries around the world in this year’s high-level strategy based on best-selling products.

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As of 2017, Laneige is available in 12 countries in Asia and North America. The brand is currently preparing for launch in Australia and France.

An official of Laneige said, “The entering Sephora means that Laneige has achieved a good result in a short period of time. We will introduce more US customers about K Beauty in the future. “

(Source: Asiae)