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Chinese top actress “Fan Bingbing” to become a muse of JAYJUN Cosmetics


JAYJUN Cosmetics has chosen Fan Bingbing, the most popular actress in China, as a company brand model.

Fan Bingbing will be starting official activities as a representative model of the JAYJUN cosmetic Mask Pack for two years from May 2018, and participating in various campaigns not only in China but also in Asia.

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“In order to take a step forward as a leading brand in the Asian beauty market, we have chosen Fan Bingbing, a top Chinese celebrity, as a model,” said JAYJUN Cosmetics CEO, Lee Jin-hyung. “In the future, we will strengthen our position as a global brand with expertise and development capabilities with Fan Bingbing,” he added.

Fan Bingbing said, “I am very pleased to be a model of JAYJUN Cosmetics, a mask pack brand that I have been satisfied with. I will contribute to various projects as a brand muse in the future and help to promote JAYJUN Cosmetics.”

Meanwhile, JAYJUN Cosmetics is the No. 1 company in selling online mask packs in China, and the company is now preparing to expand offline stores. “We are the number one mask pack brand in China online malls such as Taobao, T mall and VIP. In March 2018, we won ‘Global Vogue Brand Award’ and ‘Best Mask Pack Award’ at ‘2018 T mall beauty award’.

“Currently, JAYJUN Cosmetics has been operating in 10,300 offline stores, including Chinese department stores, Watsons”. By the end of this year, the number of offline store is expected to increase to 20,000, and we expect sales to continue to grow.

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In addition, in the first half of the year, the brand launched the ‘Flower by JAYJUN’ collaboration with Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore to expand into the North American and Asian markets and diversify our regional portfolio through strengthening domestic distribution channels including H & B stores and duty free shops.

Accordingly, the company expects sales of 221.5 billion won and operating profit of 50.9 billion won, up 70 percent and 126 percent, respectively, from the previous year.

(Source: News Hankyung )