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AmorePacific opens store at Galeries Lafayette in France

AmorePacific Corp., South Korea’s top cosmetics maker, has opened a shop for its premium skin care brand at the upscale department store Galeries Lafayette in France, expanding its presence in the European market.

The Sulwhasoo store opened in the upscale department store of Galeries Lafayette in Paris on 8 September 2017, according to the company.

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Galeries Lafayette is famous for selling numerous designer labels and luxury beauty brands that are favored by customers with deep pockets.

Galeries Lafayette, also known as ‘The Holy Land of Beauty’, is a tourist attraction crowded with not only French customers but also many tourists.

As interest in K-beauty continues to grow in the French market, Sulwhasoo plans to make the Galeries Lafayette a popular spot for visitors to Paris.

It is the first time for Sulwhasoo to be launched in the European market, according to the company. It is also the only Korean brand that has an independent outlet in the French department store.

On the 8th day of opening the store, customers from various nationalities such as Middle East, China visited the store. Mainly, consonant cream light, yunjo essence, perfection cushion were purchased.

Sulwhasoo’s signature products ‘First Care Activating Serum EX’ and ‘Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX’ is the most popular. Customers showed their great interest in Sulwhasoo’s brand story and main ingredient ‘Ginseng’.

Sulwhasoo offers a holistic skincare range inspired by Asian wisdom. Harnessing the benefits of Korean herbal medicine, it is described as the ‘first science-based Korean luxury medicinal skincare system’.

Indigenous medicinal herbs native to Korea are used in the products to balance the energies of the skin for a healthy complexion. Many of the products contain the concentrated extract of ginseng, long revered for its anti-ageing properties.

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The Sulwhasoo brand has spent 50 years researching the skincare benefits of ginseng.

AmorePacific’s high-end beauty product lineup has successfully expanded its market presence in key Asian markets, including China, Singapore and Thailand, and branched into the United States and Canada.

Sulwhasoo’s first overseas foray was made in Hong Kong in 2004.

(Source: Seoulfn)