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Taiwan’s Formosa Chang incorporates technology

Taiwanese braised pork rice chain restaurant goes digital

Taiwan’s biggest braised pork rice chain restaurant, Formosa Chang, is now adapting to the modern digital food and beverage market.

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In pursuit of a more convenient dining experience, Formosa Chang began planning the incorporation of technology into its restaurant since 2018. On July 16, 2019, the Formasa Zhang Quantai, Ningxia store is the first store to announce the official launch of a new POS machine and mobile payment service.

In addition to investing 25 million TWD to collaborate with Yixin Information on building a new POS system, Formosa Chang also introduced KIOSK self-ordering machines in some stores for a more convenient take-out service. The KIOSK machine supports Line Pay, Pi Mobile Wallet, and YoYo card payments. As for dine-in service, iPads are provided to take orders.

Formosa Chang currently has a total of 75 stores across Taiwan. Its goal is to introduce new POS machines to 64 stores by the end of this year, with a coverage rate of 85%.

Zhang Yongchang, chairman of Formosa Chang had raised the idea of ​​using mobile payment as early as eight years ago, but it is not until the recent collaboration with Yixin Information when they finally solved the issues with the software and hardware systems.

The current mobile payment tools provided by Formosa Chang are quite diverse. Other than the Pi Mobile Wallet from PChome that partnered up with Formosa Chang at the beginning of July, consumers can also use Line Pay, Taiwan Pay, Alipay, WeChat, and Korean GLN Hana members to check out at the counter.

In addition to overseas payment tools, there are plans to introduce more local mobile payment tools. These multi-action payment tools will also be integrated into the self-ordering system in the future.

With the incorporation of digital services in the restaurant, Zhang Yongchang shared that the quality of service is greatly improved. For example, there is no need to verbally report the orders to the kitchen. The orders are sent directly to the kitchen digitally, providing a more pleasant dining environment for the customers. The use of a digital ordering system also reduces the frequency of making wrong orders, saving the time of the kitchen and the customers.

The most important of all is the statistics and data collected with digital services. With the collected customer data, Formosa Chang plans to launch its own app by the end of this year, providing new services such as membership points.

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This way, not only is the quality of customer service improved, the restaurant can also have a better grasp of its customers.

(Source: Bnext)