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HAWKR : the new South East Asian healthy “grab-and-go”

HAWKR the new South East Asian healthy grab-and-go

Food & Beverage is one of the fastest developing industry in Hong Kong. Driven by a diverse food culture, healthy lifestyle mindset, new concepts have been popping up in the last years.

HAWKR is Hong Kong’s newest ‘grab-and-go’ brand, serving a Southeast Asian inspired menu, using the freshest ingredients and authentic flavours. Inspired by the hawker food centres in Southeast Asia, HAWKR serves a regional mix of salads, soup noodles, hot curries, wraps, tailored juices and bespoke coffee blends.

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The concept has been reimagined by Mina Park of Sook; the project is a collaboration between the creative Korean chef, Jake Astor (scion of the Astor family and consumer private equity specialist-cum-restaurateur) and Ivan Pun of Pun+Projects.

Mina Park fopened her first Korean taco pop-up at PMQ in 2014, she had various culinary projects, from menu crossovers with Serge et le Phoque, or the now-legendary Chinese New Year feasts at Ping Pong Gintoneria. She is also a regular contributor to Hong Kong Tatler Dining, and has recently been honing her skills through shadowing the likes of Jeong Kwan in Korea.

Generation T lister Ivan Pun has got some serious credentials in the lifestyle and hospitality scene, which he has led through his company Pun + Projects in Myanmar, his family base. Through this venture, he has already set up five restaurants and cafés in Yangon, ranging from contemporary Vietnamese eatery Rau Ram to the chic Irrawaddy Pizza Co and the upscale vegetarian Parabigawa Café.

The contemporary take on Southeast Asia’s food culture was launched in July 2017 in Quarry Bay, aiming to provide nutritious and health-conscious ‘food on the move’ experience to busy millennials and young professionals. The brand is to expand to Pacific Place in November 2017.

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With a strong ethos of social responsibility, HAWKR strives to minimize food waste and to be a force-for-good in its local community.  HAWKR plans to work with local charities to ensure that any food waste goes to those in need.