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Fast food fight: Dominos wants to take a slice out of McDonalds, KFC

After doubling sales and earnings over the last few years, Domino’s Pizza is chasing a bigger share of the AUD11 billion (USD8.5b) fast-food market by taking sales from fried chicken outlets and drive-through outlets like McDonalds and Hungry Jacks.

Not content with his market-leading 25 percent share of the Australian pizza market and a runner-up position in Japan, Domino’s chief executive Don Meij is going after consumers who would rather snack on KFC’s Original Recipe chicken or a McDonalds’ Big Mac than a Cheesy Crust Meat Lovers or Thin ‘n Crispy margherita.

Domino’s has no plans to open drive-through outlets or branch into fried chicken or burgers. Rather, it plans to tap into the consumer attributes that drive consumption of these products, including the desire for instant gratification, by offering faster and easier ordering and delivery, cheaper menus and new toppings and crusts.