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eat darling eat opens in Hong Kong

eat darling eat

This February, foodies in Hong Kong will salivate over scrumptious treats and desserts at eat darling eat, the new Causeway bay eatery that is bringing a playful twist on iconic Chinese desserts to spread love and evoke warm childhood memories.

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The 1,300 ft design-centric space is bold, surreal and out of the ordinary, sharing an array of lip-smacking treats with an eclectic twist. Situated in Fashion Walk, eat darling eat is the latest addition under Ming Fat House. The dessert spot is further enhanced by the interior design, with large playful stickers on the walls, and creative food photographs that make visitors do a double take. At eat darling eat, all delicious culinary creations are all about stimulating the senses, each of them made with utmost care and loving attention.

eat darling eat’s extensive menu features iconic Hong Kong desserts such as the homemade fluffy Pineapple Buns (HK$38) that are quintessential to the city, filled with pineapple custard. Chinese “tong sui” desserts get a modern reinterpretation with such intriguing combinations such as double-boiled Papaya (HK$68) with snow fungus, candied papaya and mascarpone cheese. Sweet Potato (HK$68), a sweet potato soup playfully pairs with a luscious chocolate cake and taro ice cream; and Red Bean (HK$68), mixed with tangerine peel soup with a scoop of matcha ice cream.

Other signature creations are home-made icy treats that have a modern flavour. Set to become a favourite is the Double-strength Milk (HK$48), that features two scoops of the milk flavoured ice cream that are infused with Chinese rice wine. Sichuan Pepper (HK$48), with scoops of the ice cream that bring out the spicy taste of Sichuan peppercorns and complemented with the sweetness from candied bacon.

The icy treat that is sure to be popular amongst the fans is the Chinese Ginger Vinegar (HK$48), creatively topped with crispy pork skin. Inspired by a traditional Cantonese dish that is typically shared by new mothers to celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby, this trail blazing creation promises a spoonful to remember.

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Other delectable desserts include the Lava Cake (HK$78), featuring a decadent Valrhona dark chocolate filled cake with the earthy taste of walnut soup, and Matcha Cake (HK$58), a sweet caramel sponge cake topped with caramelised banana, and finished with scoops of matcha ice cream.

“At eat darling eat, we strive to bring the element of traditional Hong Kong desserts that not only touch the heart, but also add a modern twist that will create new memories for our customers,” explained Jonathan Bui, owner of eat darling eat.

The creative talent behind these quirky and tasty desserts is Executive Chef Jason Luk who tucked international experiences under his sleeve having worked in Bangkok, Shanghai and Miami. In Hong Kong he has honed his skilled at The Drawing Room and Zuma Hong Kong and brings a limitless array of culinary ideas at eat darling eat.

“While living abroad, I learned a lot about desserts in other places, but at the same time I missed eating food from home. Since coming back to Hong Kong, I want to share the recipes from my experiences and present them to foodies in Causeway Way, which is the perfect place to showcase new and exciting trends and styles,” says Jason.

eat darling eat offers guests a respite from busy Causeway Bay with its whimsical interiors that mirror the eclectic menu. The design draws inspiration from the experimental Post-modern era, incorporating designs, shapes and colours that challenge convention.

The interior highlights split-level architecture, where the lower level entrance area is an open concept, while the upper space is framed as a theatre featuring fluorescent colours and reflective surfaces. The overall design is bold, surreal and out of the ordinary, emphasizing the creativity of the desserts.

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While eat darling eat offers mainly fun and playful desserts, it also offers savoury dishes for lunch and dinner that can be chosen from the a la carte menu and signature lunch menu alongside an extensive coffee, tea and cocktail menu. eat darling eat invites diners to take a break, slow down, and savour the moment in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay.