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unspun collaborates with H&M’s Weekday


San Francisco- and Hong Kong-based unspun brings its custom-fit technology to the mainstream through collaboration with H&M Group’s brand, Weekday.

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Weekday and unspun, along with YR Live, an event and experience company, and TG3D, a body scanning company, launch their custom denim jeans on 5th November, 2020 in Stockholm at Weekday’s Götgatan store.

Customers consumers can create their personal, custom made perfect fit denim.

After scan, customers can visualize the custom pair of jeans fitted on their digital avatars – a first for the fashion industry. The other first for the fashion industry is the opportunity to get a custom-fit product from a body scan with a mainstream brand. The reasons why unspun and Weekday teamed up for this project are to bring the best fit products and an engaging experience to customers, while reducing the industry’s waste and carbon footprint.

Customers can choose from two marquee styles along with four fabric selections, hem and waist options, and various combinations of trim. After completing the in-store process, a customer will receive their body scan jeans within two to three weeks.

Through H&M Foundation’s Global Change Award and the Group’s innovation arm, The Laboratory, unspun was introduced to the Weekday brand. The teams brought together the best of Weekday’s design and unspun’s innovation. This collaboration customizes and democratizes denim styles so that beautiful products were not only accessible in a given size range but also available for any body types that walk through the door, making the industry more inclusive.

Unspun also set up a seamless integration with the backend supply chain. The next steps for unspun is to make this model circular and to make the service accessible to customers via mobile channels, a pilot experience that is currently available at

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In addition to remote purchase through mobile phone scanning, customers can also shop by appointment in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam (at Fashion For Good).