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Riding the luxury wave in India

The luxury products market in India is expanding its ambit from the conspicuous-consumption consumers of the early years to the truly affluent households that wish to stand apart from the crowd.

Italian brand Roberto Cavalli plans to invade store shelves in India soon. It has partnered with Infinite Luxury to get a toehold in the luxury market in India. The brand’s extension Cafe Cavalli will also have an Indian avatar, to woo potential consumers one more way to soak up the brand.

Roberto Cavalli is fairly late in the emerging yet buzzing luxury goods market in India, where global behemoths Gucci, Cartier, Giorgio Armani, Burberry have already made their presence felt at high streets across India’s metros or in the lounges of five-star hotels. Luxury malls such as Palladium in Mumbai and DLF Emporio in Delhi have sprung up to make the most of the opportunity, while the launch of print glossies such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar has fanned the demand for luxury products.