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Paris named most expensive city for a Club Sandwich

The world’s most romantic city, Paris, has been named the most expensive city in the world for a Club Sandwich, according to research released this week by The classic chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce and mayo sandwich, available in hotels the world over, has been used as a measure of affordability by the hotel expert. The Club Sandwich Index (CSI) will give holiday-makers an indication of the costs associated with their holiday destination, using one of the most common items on any hotel menu around the world as a barometer.

The CSI average price has been calculated by taking the real prices paid by guests for a Club Sandwich in 30 hotels in the capital city of each country measured. In total surveyed the Club Sandwich prices in more than 750 hotels in the five, four and three star category across 26 countries.

In the French capital, the CSI showed prices ranged from an extraordinary USD54.1 for a "Club" in a five-star hotel to a more reasonable USD22.2 in a two star establishment, with the Paris average cost of a Club coming in at USD33.10. The second most expensive city was found to be the Swiss city Geneva, where the sandwich costs an average of USD32.56, followed by USD30.5 for a Club in Oslo. The cheapest city of those surveyed was New Delhi with a cost of just USD9.57.

Alison Couper from said: "When planning a trip away, many holidaymakers don’t always factor the everyday costs of items including food and drink into their decision making process. By providing people with a Club Sandwich Index it is the perfect way for holidaymakers to assess a destination’s real cost! Paris may well be the gastronomic capital of the world but at an average USD33.1 per Club, travellers may be better off sticking to a Croque-Monsieur…"