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HK jeweller Luk Fook opens new shop in Causeway Bay

Hong Kong-listed jeweller Luk Fook Holdings has opened a new shop in Causeway Bay, the company said on Thursday.

The three-storey new shop is situated in the central area of Causeway Bay – a shopping hotspot with high pedestrian flow. Featuring prominent 3-floor-high mega-sized billboard advertising, the three-storey shop is decorated with luminous materials, such as mirrors and metal steel, with leather interspersed throughout the shop.

"We believe that the opening of new shop at a prominent location not only expands our sales network, but also brings convenience to the tourists and local customers for their leisure shopping in Hong Kong," said Wong Wai Sheung, Chairman and Chief Executive of the group.

"As a globally renowned jewellery brand, the group will continue to optimise the retail network in Hong Kong and provide high-quality jewellery products and excellent services for customers to further strengthen the group’s leading position in the jewellery industry," he added.