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RIMOWA collaborates with Moncler Genius for new luggage design

RIMOWA x Moncler Genius

Luxury apparel brand Moncler Genius joins forces with the iconic luggage brand RIMOWA to unveil a bold new travel concept, Moncler RIMOWA “Reflection,” showcasing novel advancements in technology, connectivity and communication in the digital age.

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Named for its mirrored aluminum surface, the conceptual new luggage design is also a reflection on the state of personal communications and the social media messages that populate our digital domains.

A bold new take on the RIMOWA Original, “Reflection” is an eye-catching polished aluminum suitcase offset by matte black handles, frame, locks and reinforced riveted corners. Embedded in the exterior is a removable LED screen that displays ticker-style messages in block red lettering — a stylistic nod to displays found in transport hubs the world over, and the social media text blasts that have come to form the basis of our everyday communications.

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Luggage for RIMOWA has long been an expressive medium; one that can be emblazoned and adorned with individual markers of journeys undertaken. With “Reflection,” RIMOWA and Moncler offer an updated way to express oneself through connected travel pieces that harness the power of technology and its communicative potential.


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