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Photo Story: Jewellery designer Corrado Giuspino taps oriental chic

Corrado Giuspino is an Italian jewellery designer based in Sardinia. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fashion and Costume Design in Rome. He is particularly interested in the fashions and styles of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Corrado has worked in the fashion design industry in Milan as well as interior design. In 2009, he channelled his talents into jewellery design. His pieces gained immediate attention in Costa Smeralda where he lives and works.

Corrado has always been interested in the world of jewellery. He sees a piece of jewellery as an accessory that completes an outfit, a look. In the designs for his degree thesis on the figure of Tamara de Lempicka in 20s and 30s fashion he drew the same jewellery that today, more than 20 years on, he designs and produces.

The period from the 1920s to the 1940s inspire him for the sinuous and elegant lines. It was a historical period in which women freed themselves from many social conventions. Bustiers and corsets gave way to a new concept of woman, emancipated and unconventional.

It is also a period influenced by the orient, another of his principal inspirations, where he often travels and where he finds the materials for his jewellery: pearls, jade, lacquer…

Corrado designs for modern, unconventional women who wear jewellery as an accessory which they changes daily to match a fashion look, as for a bag, or a hat. Working women who don’t want to wear classic, precious jewellery every day. Women who are determined, self-assured, and chic.

Corrado’s current collection is inspired by the strong lines of deco, in which he has mixed colours in new combinations. He makes extensive use of grey as a base, as it best exalts all other colours. It is a collection which gives room for interpretation and the creativity of the woman who wears it. Large pendants which can be applied to rich pearl chokers or worn on coloured cords, and which can even become a clasp for a bracelet. Earrings with detachable pendants which allow the piece to be worn according to the occasion or mood.

He is now looking to expand his brand abroad, and is particularly interested in the Asian Market.