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Mayhoola invests in Hindmarch relaunch

Mayhoola invests in Hindmarch relaunch

Mayhoola for investments focus on Anya Hindmarch relaunch investing £ 10 million (about € 11.3 million).

The fund that controls Valentino and owns 38.8% of the English brand invests £ 10 million to support the international growth.

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Through this transaction, the second after the first £ 24 million investment in 2014 (about € 27,1 million), the Qatari fund that controls Valentino, Balmain, Pal Zileri and owns 38.8% of the English brand aims to expand the product offering with clothes and footwear as well as the internationalization of the sales network.

This choice comes from the need to expand the brand beyond the UK that is dealing with Brexit and Europe issue to maintain the growth rates as in 2016, + 20% for £ 41,3 million (about € 46,6 million).

These figures could be the result of the first openings process in LA, Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore and the website restructuring causing a pre-tax loss of £ 8,6 million (€ 9,7 million) in 2015 and £ 11,8 million (€ 13,3 million) in 2016.

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Google eye bag
Source : Pinterest

Now, as Anya Hindmarch confirmed, negotiations to open franchisees in China started.

China is a market with great business potential. After Zhang Ziyi (main character in the film The Tiger and the Dragon) posted a photo with Google eye handbag, this bag was sold out in 24 hours.