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Louis Quatorze presents ‘Rendez-vous’ art exhibition

Louis Quatorze presents 'Rendez-vous' art exhibition

“Louis Quatorze” is holding a haute couture glove and perfume art exhibition entitled ‘Rendezvous’ on the platform of Nonhyun-dong Complex Culture and Art Space, Gangnam-gu, Seoul till 11 February  2018.

‘Rendezvous, Meet Her’ art exhibition was designed to provide an opportunity to look at gloves and perfume from different perspectives on the theme of leather as a part of the brand planning exhibition.

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Kim Yu-jin, general manager of ” Louis Quatorze ” said, “This exhibition is the third after the scarf and jewellery art, and it shows the perfume with the tradition which is used for removing the gloves and the leather smell . It is a pleasure to see the delicate design of those lifestyle crafts. ”

This exhibition features a variety of lifestyle crafts thattrack the traces of her as a theme of a woman living in Paris, France.

More than 30 artists, including Thomasine Barnekow, a glove designer from Sweden, who is well-known in Europe for her elaborate glove-making skills and abundant imagination plus glove art, participated.

The exhibition consists of three themes on ‘Rendezvous – Meeting’. ‘Her Room’ is designed to explore over 200 art works, including tables, lighting, and jewellery, while exploring various spaces such as bedrooms, dressing rooms, and dining rooms.

Particularly in the space with the glove, the designer Thomasine under the theme of “Winter Garden”, presents a glove art exhibition that transforms fashion accessories, gloves, into works of art. Twill pattern, buckle decoration and other materials to express the glove as a jewel in the imaginary tropical garden.

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In addition to this, “Louis Quatorze ” presents the “x Thomasine Barnekow Special Edition Collaboration Glove”, which is especially produced for this exhibition.

In addition, during the exhibition period, visitors will experience a perfume making class, a leather experience class, and a movie event.

(Source: Fashion Biz )