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Loro Piana S/S18 collection : when luxury eases people’s life

Loro Piana SS18

In January 2018, Retail in Asia joined the preview of Loro Piana  2018 Spring/Summer collection in the Entertainment Suite of The Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong.

The new collection features unique, sophisticated articles that combine a contemporary look with refined elegance. The collection includes iconic brand items featuring hallmark characteristics enhanced with the latest generation technology, playful colour combinations and unique details.

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The collection blends Loro Piana heritage with the latest trends of casual wear, athleisure, spa and travel outfits, linked by the common thread of the use of the finest natural raw materials , result of tireless research for an extreme sensorial experience.

Main feature of the collection is the combination of the finest material with the functionality of garmets created to ease people’s life.

Ladieswear presents a 360 degree collection : from athleisure to spa and travel items, from new “shirt tucked into skirt” creations to fur for Spring. Loro Piana also presented a wide range of accessories for a practical life on the go.

Loro Piana SS18

The menswear selection gains inspiration from a universe that marries dynamics and style. It features a series of loose fitting, contemporary articles designed for urban wear and a life on the go. The main aspects of this range are water and windproof parkas, cashmere coats and jackets with 3L technology, guaranteeing comfort and performance.

Every item in this range features a combination of materials with contrasting, high-performance technical details, offering weightless, crease resistant, functional articles that guarantee warmth and protection.

The sea and sailing also feature, in the most sporty context, whether with light, technical items for sailing, such as the new My Song uniform with its windbreaker made from the revolutionary eco-friendly Green Storm System®, or with articles for wearing on land.

The sea and sailing collection is inspired by Pier Luigi Loro Piana’s passion for sailing, culminated in its new 40 metre yacht a comfortable cruising boat named My Song. My Song is the most perfect example yet of the racer-cruiser species — a top predator as defined by its designers from Baltic Yachts.

My Song
Source : Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design

Additionally, another element bridges heritage and innovation in the collection. The line 175LP is the Pantone code for the brick shade, known as kummel, a signature colour for Loro Piana. This colour used on packaging, tags, and the covers of many of our publications and the trim inside the garments themselves carries a connotative meaning.

This colour was chosen when the first Loro Piana stores opened at the end of the 1990s, and was applied to all the elements of brand identity. It is inspired by the warm shades of the brick walls of the factories built at the beginning of the last century, when Loro Piana was founded, harking back to the company’s original woollen mills and its heritage of time-honoured excellence in the textile industry which is still very much an integral part of the brand’s identity.

This colour has been selected as the defining element and common theme of the 175LP line, and is deployed in different ways on the different garments and refined styling details. It is a symbol of our ongoing research into materials and our uncompromising vision of style and quality.

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Footwear options are enhanced by new models inspired by the 70s, in vibrant suede tones, with kummel coloured (toasted brown) details, lending them an air of refinement. The focus on authenticity allows Loro Piana to engage with artisans from all over the world to get the best of their craftsmanship, espadrilles from the collection are indeed realized in Spain to be faithful to the country where the product comes from.


Under the spotlight also the Gift of Kings®, Loro Piana’s most exclusive wool. Just 2000 kg of the purest fibre measuring only 12 microns are produced per year and transformed into deliciously understated, soft, silky, sophisticated mens and womenswear articles, as well as ultralight vests and casual bombers.